Nowadays is very normal install an adblock in your browser, this is logic becouse the ads are too agressive and It’s awful.

There are many bloggers and websites that are complaining about that becouse the ads are their income way but the truth is that the people don’t care the ads, the problem is the too much agressive ads! In this sense, I use adblock in all my browser however I turn off It in the website where the ads are normal and not a nightmare, the rest of website…fuckoff 😀

At this moment the adblock most used are not open source, the adblockers are doing thing like accept payments from corporation to disable the block of their ads. This is bad for the user but It is not all, this is bad for small websites and advertising networks who can’t pay to the adblock. This makes small websites be on disadvantage.

In adittion many of these famous adblockers are trading with our data like the historial browser.

The solution is very simple, just use a new adblock: uBlock Origin! This adblocker is open source, in this way everybody can see the code and know how our data is used. In tis way you can not be spied.

I have tried this new adblock(each day is most famous) and my opinion is that is more light, this need less resources from our computer, this block more ads(becouse payments for corporation are not accepted), in fact this is so powerful that I have to disabled It sometimes to watch someting in any sites.

You can add this to your browser here: firefox and chrome.