Nowadays is famous the following idea: “nowadays linux has not problems with drivers or hardware”…that is a lie. I have a computer and I installed the next SO’s: OpenSuse, Ubuntu and Fedora.

None of theses OS was a driver pre-installed to my  network card, I had searched a driver for each one operative system. I just found the drivers for OpenSuse, and I discovered that the drivers for my Broadcom(network card) don’t exist….So Linux nowadays has not problems with that is a stupid lie.

If you have the same problem you can open the terminal and write: lscpi, that  show you all your hardware system and your network card, then use the name to search the drivers.

In my case I could use Opensuse with the drivers I got. But I love Fedora and I tried the last one possible solution: buy a compatible network card, I was searching and I found that: Asus USB-N13, this card is made to work with Linux operative systems.

Actually I have Fedora and I can use Wifi due to the Asus pendrive.

Finally I want to explain that I love Linux and Fedora, I love the way It is made, Gnome, and other things but I hate the fanboys walking through internet shitting their stupid opinions saying that Windows, Linux or iOS is a fucking God and the opposite just shit. That’s not true.