Nowadays the software is so important, It’s necessary in  our life for a lot of things and task, in fact we are using software even we haven’t got a computer becouse the drugs, the fornitures and cars, even the food we eat is made with software and computers!

In this sense I want to show you how buy Windows 10 or Windows 8 or the last Windows version in the future, for just 7$.

You can buy all that in your favourite shop for just 100$ or at other commerces or you can but It at ebay for 7$. Really ebay is the most cheapest shop in the world, ebay is more cheaper than any shop in black friday, but all the year.

Maybe you are thinking that you can download It and pirate It, you can, but I think that is enough effort all that and likely you will have virus or trojans, so I think that spend 7$ is more easy in the end.

You can buy It on ebay here.