The truth is that nowadays is very easy hack a router and connect ilegally on a wifi network. There are a lo of homes around the world with their WI-FI networks “stolen”.

Is legal to hack and connect on the neighbor Wi-Fi? Well, this depend of your country laws but normally It’s illegal. In Spain and other european conuntries the fact of steal wifi could means the jail.

But in a lot of countries the fact is a stolen wifi is not a problem for the police. The police won’t do anything to help us.

Well, the point is:

How to know is my Wi-Fi network has been hacked?

To know this the best easy way is download a simple app to check It. I don’t want to advertise a concrete app but I’ve been using Fing. Fing is a great app to discover intruders on own network.

Fing is available for iOS in their official website here. It’s available for Android here.

Fing lets you to know which MACs(computer, smartphones, printer…) are connected on your network. In addition Fing can detect sometimes the brand and operative system of each MAC.

Fing has not ads in their app, they make money selling you the FingBox through Indiegogo. The box let block MAC directions.ç

Note: You must to check the intruders sometimes every day becouse Fing only detect the MAC directions in real time, so the intruder could be no-connected always.


what can I do to stop the intruder?

The simple answer is change your router password. You can do it through your router website(the ip) or calling to your company and the will help you. In addition is a good idea change the security to WP2A.

But this is not enough sometimes and the intruder hacks your network again. The final solution is to block the intruder MACs and you can do It through FingBox(60$), free with your company help, using apps….

There is a geek solution, download wireshark and enjoy with your intruder 😀