Nowadays the email is a great and powerful tools for our digital lifes. All our accounts are connected to our email, the payments websites(paypal, paya..), our social network accounts….the Google account! And a lot more.

So, if our email is pwned all our accounts and digital life is warning! The hacker just have to “recovery the password” in each account to have the control.

For this reason is a good idea to have two authentication factors in our emails: phone number. In addition is good idea to configure the security configuration in all our accounts.

So, the question: ¿have I been pwned? Just visit this site. You have to insert your email and the website tool will tell you if your account have been pwned or no.

If you have been pwned you must change your password for another one more safe. Some security experts say that the internet accounts must to be changed each 90 days…

In addition, if you have been pwned you should to set up your security options in your accounts and look out where are you connecting when you acces into your accounts..