In 2018 the cryptocurrencies is mainstream, the market is so huge and the value is thousands dollar billions.

It’s obvious that is a market bubble but the .com bubble also was that, a bubble but behind that there were a lot of interesting companies and in a parallel way is happening the same thing. In the Dapps market there are hidden valuable tools like Openbazaar and in the future some of them could be so important like others technology companies nowadays are.



¿What is OpenBazaar, How It works and why is valuable for you?

OpenBazaar is not a website but is a Dapp, of course, OpenBazaar have a website but this site is only to download the program, and the program downloaded in a lot of computers creates a network. In this network you can buy and sell anything, without middleman, without fees, etc.

In addition to be a decentralized network the payment way majority accepted is, obviously, the cryptocurrencies like bitcoin or ethereum.

OpenBazaar is censorship resistant becouse how I said, It’s not in any specific server, It’s in a lot of computers, encrypted and in small pieces.

¿Is OpenBazaar a revolution? Maybe yes or maybe not, I don’t know, what I know is that in OpenBazaar there are not fees so the items could be sold more cheapest than sites like ebay where sellers have yo pay 10% fees to the company and 3.4(Depends) to Paypal, for this reason if you want to sell a laptop in ebay for 700$ you have to pay 93.8$ en fees….

It’s not difficult to understand why a marketplace with no middleman could be good for the commerce.

Now…..It’s not only good for commerce, becouse if you think about It could be so revolutionary, a lot money could be saved and a lot of people could works in another jobs, like in the industrial revolution but on a small scale.

But OpenBazaar also brings others things like somebody could sell illegal things and It’s so good and bad becouse this is good when you can sell things that are legitimate and It’s illegal, this is a perfect tool for dictatorship countries with no freedom but could be also a problem in democracy countries where usually the illegal things often match with unethical activities.


Problems: No middle man is a good idea yeah, but the middle man exists for a reason, and in OpenBazaar you can’t trust easily when you buy something becouse the seller could be a thief and recieved your money and don’t send you anything. For this reason buy in OpenBazaar is less safe that buy in ebay using paypal or credit card. But that don’t means that in OpenBazaar there are not mechanism to prevent the fraud, for example the users have reviews, and links to others shops where verificated that the shop in OpenBazaar is of him, for example, and in the external shop the people are verified in a lot of ways.

Others options are chats.


OPenBazaar Screenshots

In this pic is the home page, It’s so similar to ebay or any marketplace.

In this pic could see a Store called Linkie:

Creating an article to sell where you can add photos, prices, category, policy,description, shipment details, item location, shipment delivery time and shipment zones accepted, etc:



If you feel a bit of curiosity you can start to explore this incredible dapp here, maybe you’re discovering the future, or maybe not 🙂



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